We are Florida's Best Termite & Pest Control (FBTPC), the Original No Tent Termite Service.  We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in the pest extermination business. Our founder and CEO has over 22 years of experience and created the  "No Tent" process.  

As the inventor of the No Tenting Process, we are able to offer services that are less expensive, have quicker turnaround time and with longer lasting results. 

While tenting can take up to three days, No Tent only takes a few hours, and it is safe for people, pets and houseplants. Florida’s Best is committed to providing service with safety. Not only are we Licensed, but also Certified WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) Inspectors.

Our Termite Sonar Acoustic System gives us the ability to determine exactly where the termites are living. We recommend full house treatments, but also offer the option to only treat the termite-infected areas.

Our equipment, techniques and skills allow us to treat your attic, crawl spaces and walls, where the drywood termites are feeding. Our residual protection of your wood is guaranteed.
We use a water-soluble powder that:
  • preserves wood
  • kills fungus
  • kills insects like drywood termites, carpenter ants, wood beetles
  • yard & household pest.
  • Best of all it is a natural product that is harmless and green

Be cautious when choosing a No Tent Treatment, the proper equipment, chemicals and trained technicians are necessary components required to handle the No Tent Process.

As for real estate closings, Florida's Best Termite & Pest Control can have a completed WDO Report to you typically within 48 hours of your request to inspect a property.

We understand timeliness is pivotal for your closings.  We look forward to hearing from, and we enjoy working with homeownvers, tenants, Realtors and investors to achieve your goals.









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